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2022 - 23 MVBA Traveling Registration


Welcome to the 2022 - 23 MVBA Traveling Registration

To prepare for registration, please have the following information readily available:

  1. Player address and parent/guardian contact information
  2. Non-parent emergency contact information
  3. Physician contact information
  4. Your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or checking account information. Upon completion of registration a charge from Mounds View Basketball will appear on your account.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all answers are provided accurately.

  1. The player will have to read through a code of conduct (also shown on the MVBA website).
  2. Any discount codes (e.g. player scholarship) will be requested during payment process, the last step.
  3. Off line payments have been eliminated this year, and all payments will need to be made on-line.
  4. Registration fees are $215.
  5. Additional Fees for traveling players:
  6. Tournament and Coach Fees: Approximately $400 to $600 are to be paid by January 31, 2023 for team tournament entry fees and paid coach fees (if applicable). Note that fees are higher this year due to many tournaments switching to a “no gate fee” model that allows free admission to many of the tournaments.  Failure to pay coach and tournament fees by the due date may impact eligibility to play in tournaments.
  7. The exact tournament fee depends on number of tournaments, each tournament’s fees, and number of players on the team, and if an approved volunteer coach cannot be found.
  8. All Tournament fees must be paid online prior to the first tournament for player eligibility. 
  9. ​If you are interested in being a head coach or an assistant coach, please go to the "Coaches Corner" on the left side of the MVBA home page and complete an application.  Please also review the coaching policy and expectations.  
  10. A limited number of scholarships are available to help with registration costs (Scholarships are not available for Traveling Fees). Please see the "Scholarship" tab on the left-hand side of the MVBA home page website and complete the application PRIOR TO REGISTRATION.

Traveling Team Limitations

Our goal is to field 3 teams per grade if possible (A, B, C). Based on skill level and tryout numbers - not every player will make a traveling team. Players who do not make a traveling team have the option to play in the In-House league. 


Please direct questions to:

Jim Mitchell